Isn’t this yours namiren?

Isn’t this yours namiren?

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Pretty much about my whole life

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We Remember

My grandpa passed away today, Good Friday. As I remember him, these two remember their own losses and comfort each other as well.

This is for anyone who has lost someone dear to them. May we remember these people and be grateful for their lives, and the time we had with them.

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#miiingk #calligraphy #writeright #qotd

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青鹊 Blue Magpie by 菊叔 on Flickr.

Oh no. I’ve found a head I want!! Nooooooooooo

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I hate the way sephyelysian dresses her dolls. Especially the one called Ro, he’s always dressed like an ‘American Mom’ - the cream role neck jumper/hairband/jeans combo he’s often pictured in is particularly cringe worthy.


Uhhhh, excuse you? Ro is the king of all dolls.

Oh my lol I’m sorry Sephy but this made me laugh! I don’t know one ‘Mom’ that dresses like Ro! Maybe a sexy succubus mommy ;)

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Guys. Important information. Do you know this posting that is about pray for South Korea?

I just saw news and twitter. They said those messages are all fake.

Some people made these kind of thing for fun or attention. I`m so furious about it and other Korean people are also mad about it too. We feel sorry to all people on Tumblr who are supporting Pray for South Korea. 

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'i'll just have one more scoop'

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Ringdoll is relasing new doll—Lucifer!And now we are holding a activity for him!
Pls read the info below!

Fullset price: 666usd

Release event:
Period: April 18, 2014-May 18,2014
66 USD can be reduced from your overseas shipping cost if you order Lucifer-Arios full-set,
while the difference will not be made up if your shipping cost is less than 66 USD (the dealers are not included).
For more details ,please contact our customer service: advice.

More info about Lucifer·Arios:

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