i said “make a card”

i said “a happy birthday card”


happy birthday sicktress

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!! Thank you!!!! I love the drawing! and Charlie :3

And do you have props for everything??

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Too many dolls to list, but this is what our doll room looks like right this second xD Some are more haphazard than others, since we move them around too much to pose! Showing dolls that belong to me and dolls that belong to Ginny(81missgaga)~ Even some we own together~ but definitely not all of them x.x

Some people complain we don’t show off our collections enough so <3 thought we’d share these horrible quick snapshots!

Have any questions or wanna see more of a specific doll, just ask!

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Tell me again how I don’t buy new, so I’m not supporting anyone?

This is the second ResinSoul I’ve purchased new two months ago (the first one I had was sold), and Naomi’s Elfdoll head plus my three Mirodoll bodies were purchased directly from the sellers.

I suppose the next argument will be: "but those are "cheap" companies! She isn’t supporting anyone!"

Seriously. Are we really making up lies because you don’t agree with what I say? I don’t agree with what some of you say but I’m not sitting here trying to pull shit out of my ass to make others look bad for making a suggestion. I have never submitted any anonymous confessions, even for people I dislike.

And even if ALL my dolls WERE secondhand, I do know for a fact that most of the sales went to either people who were trying to get new dolls, the dolls were damaged (hence GREAT mod projects), yellowed or too old. I LOVE buying those kinds of dolls and giving them new life, and yes giving the sellers a chance to buy a new doll, or whatever (snacks), etc.


"I can sincerely say that 99% of the time, the money I make from secondhand sales go for things outside of dolls and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sicktress doesn’t support legit artists at all by buying secondhand. Wish she’d stop acting so high and mighty."


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That might be the case for you, but her purchases don’t go to recasters, who by selling the same product at a lower price with less effort undercut and potentially destroy the legit business. Buying second hand dolls > buying recasts.

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Did we all skip over the part where I actually HAVE purchased dolls brand new from companies too? Are are we just going to ignore that part… Like most people who know they’re wrong in an argument?

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Inadvertently channeling Wednesday Addams today.

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I don’t know why, but I always do my sexy makeup when I go see my doll friends. Maybe I’m trying to get in bed with their talent?

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Everybody + the couples!

I’m surprised no one fell! Here is everybody. Please click on the first pic to make larger! Here they are, left to right:

  • Chikara: Minifee Karsh on ResinSoul new MSD body (44cm)
  • Aya: Soom Epidia on Mirodoll girl body (58cm)
  • Chie: Luts Delf Dambi on Magical Angel body (58cm)
  • Naomi: Elfdoll Vivien on modded D.I.M. boy vody ver.1 (59cm)
  • Misaki/Plant Boy: SNG Uhui on AOD old ver. boy body (60cm)
  • Kei-chan: modded AOD Gu on new boy body (60cm)
  • Gintoki: Migidoll Cho on Mirodoll body (60cm)
  • Haru: Soom Dia on Mirodoll body (68cm)
  • Aki: Migidoll Ryu on Angelheim body (70cm)
  • Naoto: ANother Secret Mr. Wolf, Impldoll Torso, Soom Chalco hooves among others (70cm)
  • Suoh: Dollshe Hound on Soom Mecha Angel body + Soom Galena legs (78.5cm)


  • Gin & Haru (height differences ftw)
  • Naomi and Suoh (height differences ftw x 50)
  • Chie and Naoto (cuties!)
  • Aya and Aki (poor guy is too scared to touch her)


Today is sicktress' birthday! Thank you for being a wonderful friend and a fearless member of our community. You stand up for what is right, and create beautiful and imaginative things for us to enjoy.

aka you’re the best and no one can tell me any different.

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To my dearest friend, sister from another mother, brainstorm buddy, late night Skype companion….


Stay awesome! Stay creative! Don’t take anyone’s crap!

Thank youuuuu :-*

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