Migidoll/Soom Mecha Angel proportions test

Thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post about reshelling Daiki! I will not be giving him Gin’s head but I tried it just to see how Migi would look on a Mecha Angel body. I’m surprised that the proportions are better than the current Benmore head! I’m also shocked that the colors are very similar, even though the MD Cho is pre 2011 NS and the MA is way older, but CW. Sooo I think I’m going to go with a Migidoll RYU!! I always liked the sculpt but thought it looked too much like a Cho, a happy one. And Daiki’s character is supposed to be happy go lucky on the outside. Yay doories!

Oops I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore, but this doesn’t count! Right??