Introducing Chie! 5 quick facts:

1) She is an oni, just like Naomi and her twin Naoto, but she is lower on the totem pole.

2) She met Naoto at the brothel she’s called home since her parents abandoned her, and fell in love at first sight.

3) Her name, Chie (恵) means “wisdom”. She is the perfect embodiment for that word and is very wise for her age.

4) She barely opens her eyes more than a tiny bit, but when she does, they’re a lovely purple/silver color.

5) Her favorite hobbies are ikebana (flower arrangement) and the fan dance.

I added a pic of me modding her neck. I really need to use gloves! I had the half respirator and goggles on, though - safety first! I have a little bit more dremeling to do, her neck is a little floppy but I wanted to put her together.